2013 R4 Conference News UPDATE (6/21/13), Set yours “Phasers on Stun” Special Show!

Good morning, everyone!
I’m happy to announce Phasers on Stun, a San Francisco troupe that performs improvised “Star Trek” skits, will perform as part of our Region 4 STARFLEET Conference, hosted by the USS Angeles Oct. 4-6 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys.
Affiliated with STARFLEET, Phasers on Stun creates long-form or 45-minute skits associated with “Star Trek” episodes. This is a genre that stresses both good storytelling and humor, and Phasers on Stun, which performed at the L.A. Improv Festival, is well-known in improv circles.
The reasons to go to the conference keep growing.
Among them are the space shuttle visit, a talk by Larry Nemecek (former managing editor of Star Trek Communicator) and a trip to the Japanese Garden, aka STARFLEET headquarters from the various spinoff series.
You get all that, plus conference panels plus more (stay tuned for announcements), for just $55, if you pay by July 1.
To sign up and pay, please go to www.region4.org or www.ussangeles.org.

Capt. Dave Mason
Region 4 Conference chairman and USS Angeles CO