2013 R4 Conference News UPDATE (8/23/13)


John D.F. Black, the last surviving producer of the original “Star Trek” series, will speak at our STARFLEET Region 4 Conference banquet Oct. 5 in Van Nuys.
Marc Cushman, the “These Are the Voyages” author (and the writer who pitched “Sarek” on “TNG”), will be there too.
Also speaking is Larry Nemecek, longtime Angeles member and “Star Trek” journalist and author. And Phasers on Stun will improvise a 45-minute skit based on “Star Trek.”
And on Oct. 5 before the banquet, we’ll see the space shuttle Endeavour!

I’m excited to have Larry, Marc and John D.F. Black, who wrote the teleplay for “The Naked Time” episode of the original series, be at our banquet!
Marc’s book, “These Are the Voyages, is a series of three books, one per each season of the original series. It’s a huge book of interesting stories about the filming of each episode and other details about the production and cast.

Please join us Oct. 4-6 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel. You can register right on this page.

Capt. Dave Mason
Commanding officer, USS Angeles
Chairman, Region 4 Conference