Aboard the space shuttle!

Several USS Angeles members had a great time at the space shuttle and Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit June 7 at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.
We were amazed with the Endeavour. It’s longer than a 737, and you can walk under it. The powerful engines are huge!
It was also amazing to see the fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, under glass and in the correct temperature and lighting conditions.
The scrolls, on which the words of the Old Testament were written, are an incredible discovery that would make that former archaeology student, Capt. Picard, proud!
We also saw other historical displays and artifacts representing ancient Israel and Egypt, including much pottery.
Missions to sites such as the California Science Center are among the perks of being a USS Angeles member. The best way to learn about activities is to join our ship. Please click on “Join us” above.
Live long and prosper!
Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
Commanding officer, USS Angeles

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840