Angeles explores Sherwood Forest

From left, Kat Campbell, Janice Willcocks and Jennifer Cole beam down to Sherwood Forest, aka Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge. (Photo by Jennifer Cole)

By Kat Campbell
LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE — Our little band of “merry (wo)men” touched down Jan. 20 at Descanso Gardens — site of the “Next Generation” episode “Qpid.”
This was where Worf (Michael Dorn) was NOT a merry man.
It’s also where Q (John de Lancie) forced Capt. Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his officers into Sherwood Forest for an unexpected adventure. Playing Robin Hood, Capt. Picard must rescue his girlfriend Vash (Jennifer Hetrick), whom Q dropped into the Maid Marian role in this 1991 story.
Present for our USS Angeles mission were Janice Willcocks, Jennifer Cole and yours truly.
The day was sunny but with quite a chill in the air, yet we were not deterred as we made our way through the gardens.
I have been to this La Cañada Flintridge site many times, but (except for the nighttime Enchanted Gardens light show) had never been here during January. Winter was definitely with us on this mission and flowers were few and far between, but we managed to seek out a few of them and had fun exploring the grounds nonetheless.
We thought at one point we were on our way to “the lake,” but alas, our navigational systems (the map) somehow eluded us.
This failed attempt did take us up a hill where we found a lovely little structure with a magnificent view and eventually led us down to the Boddy House, the Japanese Gardens and finally the Ancient Forest, probably my most favorite part of the journey.
The Ancient Forest is replete with towering redwoods and cycads ­­— some of my favorite types of trees.
Our intrepid little group also enjoyed a lunch on the patio of the Descanso Café and, of course, a walk through the gift shop.
All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends.
No one was quite sure exactly what area had been used for the “TNG” episode so perhaps a second mission might be in order — in spring or summer when there are actually flowers.
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One of the few flowers is in bloom in January at Descanso Gardens. (Photo by Jennifer Cole)
Descanso Gardens became Sherwood Forest for the “Next Generation” episode “Qpid.” (Photo by Janice Willcocks)
Jennifer Cole, left, and Janice Willcocks spend time at Descanso Gardens. (Photo by Kat Campbell)
Descanso Gardens is a peaceful, picturesque place that proved ideal for a “Next Generation” episode. (Photo by Janice Willcocks)

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840