Angeles looks ahead at 2018, back at 2017

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
The USS Angeles will go where Worf said, “I am not a merry man!” and soar during other adventures in 2018.
We will dive into the New Year with another viewing of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Jan. 7 at the AMC Fallbrook 7 in West Hills. We’ll meet at 2:45 p.m. to see the 3:10 p.m. movie in regular, digital 2D. Parking is free

NOVEMBER: From left, Jeremy Kranz, Jennifer Cole and Lisa Sobien beam down to Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, where many episodes from various “Star Trek” series were filmed. (Photo by Dave Mason)

, and we will eat at a nearby Chili’s afterward.
Later this winter and spring, we will meet with actresses from “Star Trek” shows and gather for the first Founder’s Tea at Janice Willcocks’ home in Palos Verdes Estates. Crumpets, anyone?
And we will see where the “Qpid” episode of “The Next Generation” was filmed, on Jan. 20 at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, near Pasadena. That is where Worf and other Enterprise crew members became the merry men helping Capt. Picard’s Robin Hood. En garde!
Then on Jan. 27, the game will be afoot at Paul Szymborksi and Jenny Taylor’s home in Ventura, just north of Los Angeles, for an evening of “Star Trek” games. Roll the dice! We have a lucky year ahead.
Before we beam to away missions and more, here’s a look back at 2017. Happy New Year!

JANUARY: USS Angeles members and guests gather in a Pasadena theater lobby after seeing “Hidden Figures” on a mission led by Jackie Freeman (front and center). Jackie paid for all our tickets to see this movie about the African-American women who worked behind the scenes on the math for the early space missions. (Photo courtesy Gloria Rodriguez)
MARCH: Michael Westmore talks about supervising makeup on the various “Star Trek” spin-offs during the USS Angeles’ anniversary party at Jeremy Kranz’s home in Northridge. More speakers are planned in 2018. (Photo by Lisa Sobien)
APRIL: From left, Kat Campbell, Eric Fillman and Jennifer Pesqueira encounter butterflies at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. (Photo courtesy Kat Campbell)
MAY: From left, Jennifer Pesqueira, Jay Gerber, a conductor, Dave Mason, Kat Campbell and Janice Willcocks stop by the train at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. (Photo courtesy Dave Mason)
JUNE: Gloria Rodriguez, left, has fun with Candi Rosales during our Pirates Party at Janice Willcocks’ home in Palos Verdes Estates in the Los Angeles area. The party included composer David Raiklen, who spoke to our club about how music was produced in the original “Star Trek” episodes. (Photo by Dave Mason)
JULY: From left, Chris Mulrooney, Karen Hoagland and Lisa Sobien show the gesture for “apes together strong” after seeing “War for the Planet of the Apes” at the AMC Fallbrook 7 in West Hills. (Photo by Dave Mason)
AUGUST: Luis Valentine becomes Vulcan ambassador Soval at the Creation Entertainment “Star Trek” convention in Las Vegas. (Photo by Dave Mason)
SEPTEMBER: USS Angeles members gather with Margot Rose, who played Capt. Picard’s sudden wife Eline in the episode called “The Inner Light.” From left are Dave Mason, Lisa Sobien, Pat and David Westbay, Gloria Rodriguez, Jackie Freeman, Rose, Jennifer Cole, Brian Nomi and Janice Willcocks. Janice hosted the party, which marked the 51st anniversary of “Star Trek” and the 30th anniversary of “The Next Generation,” at her home in Palos Verdes Estates.  (Photo courtesy Lisa Sobien)
OCTOBER: From left, Paul Szymborski, Chris Mulrooney, Janice Willcocks, Karen Hoagland and Jenny Taylor become magically transformed for our Halloween Party at Gloria Rodriguez’s home in Whittier. A ghoulish time was had by all. (Photo by Dave Mason)
NOVEMBER: Janice Willcocks stands by Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley. Janice and Dave Mason went aboard the plane and saw exhibits about Reagan and the Titanic. Lisa Sobien joined them later. (Photo by Dave Mason)
DECEMBER: The USS Angeles honored Renee Wike during our Winter Holiday Party at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in West Hills. We honored Renee, who is moving soon to Virginia. (Photo by Dave Mason)
FEBRUARY: Gloria Rodriguez, left, and  Jeremy Kranz and Jackie Freeman arrange themselves in the same sequence as Brent Spiner (Data) and others in the photo at the right. Gloria, Jackie, Jeremy and other USS Angeles members toured Paramount Studios, the home of “Star Trek” since its start in 1966. Gloria, Jeremy and Jackie were near Stages 8 and 9, where “The Next Generation” and “Voyager” were filmed. (Photo by Dave Mason)


Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840