Angeles meets ‘Deep Space Nine 9’ guest star

Deborah Lacey, left, talks to the USS Angeles about acting with Avery Brooks in the seventh season of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” (Photo by Dave Mason)
USS Angeles members gather with guest speaker Deborah Lacey of “Deep Space Nine” at Jeremy Kranz’s home in Northridge. From left are Janice Willcocks, Jay Gerber, Dave Mason, Elizabeth Critch (in the back), Jackie Freeman, Kelly Critch, Gloria Rodriguez, Jennifer Cole (in the back), Karen Hoagland (seated in front), Deborah Lacey and Chris Mulrooney. Kneeling in front is Jeremy.

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
NORTHRIDGE — Deborah Lacey never gave up on “Star Trek.”
“I auditioned for the part Whoopi Goldberg got,” Lacey told USS Angeles members during our 23rd anniversary party March 17 at Jeremy Kranz’s home in Northridge. The “Star Trek: The Next Generation” role of Guinan instead went to Goldberg, who asked for the role.
Lacey tried out for other “Star Trek” roles such as Kasidy Yates, the role of Sisko’s eventual wife that went to Penny Jerald Johnson. But Lacey remained optimistic.
“I was determined. I had auditioned for ‘Star Trek’ for years, and I knew this was the last season (of ‘Deep Space Nine’),” Lacey said. “For years, they had been trying to find something on ‘Star Trek’ on me.”
The role came for her when she was cast as Sarah Sisko, Capt. Benjamin Sisko’s mother possessed by the Prophet, in the final season of “DS9.”
Lacey praised Avery Brooks, who starred as Sisko, for being very supportive of her on the set and giving her helpful advice for their scenes together.
She said fans frequently ask about her first scene in which her face appears in the sand in Sisko’s vision. She explained she never had to go to the desert. It was all done through special effects.
Lacey discussed her TV and movie career, which started with her appearances on “The White Shadow” in 1979 and 1981 and continued with guest spots on iconic shows such as “ER” and “The A-Team.”
Lacey said Angela Lansbury, the star and an executive producer of “Murder She Wrote,” cast her as an insurance agent without an audition. Lansbury made her decision after watching a videotape of Deborah’s work.
From 2007 to 2010, Lacey played Carla, the Draper family’s housekeeper, on AMC’s “Mad Men,” the Madison Avenue series set in the 1960s.
Her more recent work includes “The Fosters,” a 2014-15 series in which she played attorney Marie.
We enjoyed Lacey’s talk and included her in our Blarney Prizes as we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. She received several of the prizes from Founder and Second Officer Janice Willcocks, who gave prizes that were either green or Irish.
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Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840