Angeles raises $500-plus at AIDS Walk L.A.

Skyscrapers provide shade on a comfortably warm day during AIDS Walk Los Angeles. (Photo by Dave Mason)
Thousands of people participate in AIDS Walk Los Angeles. (Photo by Dave Mason)
Kathy Carder and Dave Mason gather near the stage before the opening ceremony of AIDS Walk Los Angeles. (Photo by passerby)
Actor and singer Arturo Del Puerto inspires the crowd at AIDS Walk Los Angeles. (Photo by Dave Mason)
Jean Smart (“Designing Woman,””Frasier”) addresses the crowd at AIDS Walk Los Angeles. (Photo by Dave Mason)

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
LOS ANGELES — A singer’s rendition of “The Impossible Dream” inspired Kathy Carder and me as we joined about 10,000 enthusiastic people at AIDS Walk Los Angeles.
The USS Angeles team raised more than $500 for APLA Health’s efforts for AIDS and HIV-positive patients.
The thousands of participants on the Oct. 21 walk collected a total exceeding $1.3 million, which helps APLA Health’s work varying from medical and dental care to counseling, food and housing.
The feeling of success was in the air as the crowd cheered for singer and actor Arturo Del Puerto (from the 2016 film “Independence Day: Resurgence”). He inspired the audience with his rendition of “The Quest,” the main theme of “The Impossible Dream,” during the opening ceremony before the 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) trek,
In addition, Frenchie Davis, a contestant on NBC’s “The Voice,” sang Katy Perry’s “Firework,” which resonated with a crowd determined to help AIDS and HIV-positive patients.
Kathy told me she’s optimistic researchers will develop a vaccination against AIDS.
Optimism also was voiced during the ceremony by long-time star Jean Smart (“Designing Woman,” “Frasier”) and the always enthusiastic Carson Kressley of the original “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” series. We also heard from KABC-TV anchor Ellen Levya and a congressman.
After a singer performed the longtime AIDS Walk theme song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” Kathy and I walked with the large crowd between the downtown skyscrapers, which gave us much-appreciated shade on this comfortably warm day. As we walked, we were entertained by cheerleader groups creating human pyramids and a cappella choirs.
Kathy and I had a great time with our walk and conversation.
The USS Angeles team is continuing to accept donations at
For more information about AIDS Walk Los Angeles, call the organizers at 213-201-WALK.

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840