USS Angeles enjoys chill factor at pool party

Paul Szymborski enjoys a dip in Jeremy Kranz’s pool in Northridge. (Photos by Dave Mason)
From left, Paul Szymborski, Gloria Rodriguez and Jeremy Kranz gather in the pool at Jeremy’s home.
Kat Campbell relaxes in the shade at Jeremy’s.
Lisa Sobien enjoys her time in the pool.

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
NORTHRIDGE — Despite the summer heat, we found a great way to chill.
USS Angeles members gathered July 14 for the pool party at Jeremy Kranz’s complex in Northridge.
We found the water refreshing and the perfect temperature. And as the afternoon progressed, nearly the entire pool area was in the shade. Jeremy gets extra points for that!
Jeremy, Gloria Rodriguez, Kat Campbell, Lisa Sobien, Paul Szymborski and I brought our lunches and chatted around a table. The group had a great time at the table and in the pool and the hot tub, which is in the center of the pool. That made it easy for people in the hot tub to talk to those in the pool.
Except for a few people at the opposite end of the pool, we had the area to ourselves. It was a very relaxed setting.
Thanks for hosting, Jeremy! (And for the shade!)

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840