Angeles travels into space with VR, games

Chris Mulrooney shows a Scotty card he got from playing a card-and-coin game at Dave & Buster’s in Thousand Oaks. The USS Angeles went there Sept. 28. (Photos by Dave Mason)
Players tackle Star Trek: Dark Remnant at Dave & Buster’s.
Lisa Sobien eyes the coins and “Star Trek” cards in a game at Dave & Buster’s.
Karen Hoagland plays a “Star Trek” coin game at Dave & Buster’s.
Chris Mulrooney and Karen Hoagland are ready to ride Star Trek: Dark Remnant at Dave and Buster’s.
Jeremy Kranz visits Dave & Buster’s in Northridge.
Jeremy Kranz visits the Hurricane 360 VR ride in the Northridge Fashion Center.
Lisa Sobien, left, poses with Karen Hoagland as she accepts “Happy Karen Day” gifts from her and Dave. The couple decided she should have her own day, as they met with her and Chris Mulrooney for dinner at Olive Garden in Thousand Oaks.
Dave Mason and Lisa Sobien look forward to riding Star Trek: Dark Remnant in Thousand Oaks. (Photo by Chris Mulrooney)

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason

THOUSAND OAKS/NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Klingons threatened our ship, but we kept our wits and defeated them in an outer space battle.

USS Angeles members enjoyed playing Star Trek: Dark Remnant Sept. 28 at the Dave & Buster’s in Thousand Oaks.

Karen Hoagland, Lisa Sobien, Chris Mulrooney and I sat in a row of seats that moved back and forth and from side to side. Our experience was enhanced by virtual reality goggles, which allowed us a 360-degree view of our starship bridge and the dangers outside. We fired at asteroids and the Klingons! And when we looked at each other through the VR goggles, we discovered we were existing as avatars such as a Vulcan or Andorian.

Afterward, we played another “Star Trek” game that allowed us to win collector cards with characters such as Chekov, Kirk, Uhura, Spock, etc. Chris held his card of Scotty proudly.

Later, we enjoyed a dinner at a nearby Olive Garden, where Lisa and I surprised Karen with an unexpected “Happy Karen Day” and gave her a couple books we thought she would like.

Not everyone could join us for the Sept. 28 mission, so I scheduled a second Dave and Buster’s mission on Oct. 5, this time in Northridge. Jeremy Kranz and I met for lunch at the Red Robin in the Northridge Fashion Center. Afterward, we went next door to Dave and Buster’s, but found Star Trek: Dark Remnant wasn’t working and was awaiting a part that wouldn’t be there for a couple weeks. Egads, the warp core wasn’t working!

But Jeremy and I found another virtual reality game elsewhere in the mall. We boarded a roller coaster on Mars as we sat on seats that went up and down and wore goggles that showed us the red planet. We enjoyed the Hurricane 360 VR game, which had several experiences such as the Mission to Mars.

Jeremy and I loved the ride, but decided against the option of being spun upside down. We were perfectly happy with staying right side up. The ride was still thrilling!

Jeremy and I also enjoyed the mall’s Apple store.

Members had a great time during our two Angeles missions as we visited Mars and deep space.

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840