Angeles explores San Diego Zoo Safari Park

USS Angeles members and a guest run from the rhinos at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. From left are (front row) Lisa Sobien, Dave Mason, Elizabeth Critch and Kat Campbell and (back row) Eric Fillman, Kelly Critch, Jennifer Pesqueira and Jennifer’s friend Debbie. (Photo courtesy Elizabeth Critch)
A lorikeet lands on Eric Fillman, who fed the birds nectar. (Photo by Dave Mason)
A lemur greets visitors at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. (Photo by Dave Mason)
A rhino and its offspring grace the wild animal park. (Photo by Dave Mason)

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
SAN DIEGO — The cheetah ran so fast that it became a blur.
USS Angeles members saw proof that the animal is the fastest creature on Earth during an away mission April 14 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
Jennifer Pesqueira and her friend Debbie, Elizabeth and Kelly Critch, Eric Fillman, Kat Campbell, Lisa Sobien and I explored the magical site.
We went on a tram tour in which we saw giraffes, rhinos and more. We walked around and found an elephant playing with a box. We stood and watched a cheetah, in a fenced and secure area, sprint to the point we barely saw it.
And we encountered butterflies and a lorikeet who landed on Eric’s head. Eric was popular with the birds as he fed them nectar.
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Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840