Star Trek: Discovery 2nd Season Viewing Party

   9 (Saturday) at 2 p.m.: Capt. Christopher Pike will join the action as “Star Trek: Discovery” lightens up for its second season. USS Angeles will see Pike (Anson Mount) as we watch second-season episodes on the big screen at Fox Theater ­— aka the Fullerton home of Sue-Ellen and Carl Fox. Sue-Ellen will provide their address and her contact information to those who RSVP they are attending the potluck when Lisa Sobien emails members their link in January. Please respond promptly: They have seating for 11 people. After we eat the potluck smorgasbord, we will watch the CBS All-Access series’ second-season premiere and maybe one or two more episodes on Sue-Ellen and Carl’s big screen. Their home theater system is connected to the internet, where “Discovery” streams, and their furniture is arranged like a theater. There are even cup holders! Their home is an ideal venue to launch our trip into outer space with the USS Discovery. Episodes take place in the era just before Capt. Kirk and company. The series’ first season ended with the conclusion of the Federation’s war with the Klingons. For more information on the viewing party, contact Lisa Sobien . Thanks for hosting us at Fox Theater, Sue-Ellen and Carl!

Commander Christopher Mulrooney

Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840