USS Angeles’ annual Winter Holiday Party

    • 14 (Saturday) at 2 p.m.: Jeremy Kranz will host the USS Angeles’ annual Winter Holiday Party in the meeting room at his residential complex in Northridge. The potluck will feature our lively gift exchange, awards and promotions. We will also hold a “Star Trek” collectibles giveaway in honor of Renee Wike. Renee’s sisters would like to give Renee’s collectibles to people who would appreciate them. Karen is sure Renee would have wanted us to enjoy her “Star Trek” treasures. Watch for Potluck Coordinator Lisa Sobien’s invitation to the party through a email in your “in” box. For more information, contact Jeremy at Please call Jeremy to let you into the gated parking lot. 

Commander Christopher Mulrooney

Chief Webmaster/Asst. Communications Officer