Party goes ‘Back to the Future’

By Commanding Officer Dave Mason
Doc Brown got back just in time to help us get back to the future.
In fact, two Doc Browns, Marty McFly, Marty’s son and other characters gathered Oct. 24 at Paul Szymborski’s home in Ventura County for the USS Angeles Halloween Party.
The party, celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Back to the Future,” brought characters such as Jaws from the “Jaws 19 3D” movie, played by Candi Rosales. Paul gave Candi the award for Most Original Costume.
Jay Gerber and I played Emmett Brown from 2015 and 1885, respectively, and Lisa Sobien came with me as Doc Brown’s wife from the Old West, Clara. Paul gave Jay the award for Best Costume Themed to “Back to the Future.”
Janice Willcocks came dressed in a cowboy hat and poncho, arriving as Marty McFly from the Old West in “Back to the Future Part III.” Gloria Rodriguez beamed down as a sci-fi variation of the Ghost of Christmas Future.
Chris Mulrooney dressed as Marty McFly’s son from 2015 (“Back to the Future Part II”), complete with his pockets turned inside out.
Best Couple Costume went to Cliff Gardner and his fiancee Donna for playing Mace Windu and Princess Leia from “Star Wars.” “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” were mentioned during the first “Back to the Future” movie.
In addition to the costumes, we watched the first two “Back to the Future” movies and enjoyed dishes themed to the franchise. For example, Lisa made an eclair saluting the train going to the 88 mph on the track’s ravine in “Back to the Future Part III.”
Paul posted a license plate saying “Outta Time” and had a poster from the movie. Paul and his girlfriend Jenny Taylor, by the way, dressed as 1955 characters from the original “Back to the Future” movie. Jackie Freeman came as the woman collecting donations for the clock tower, and Kat Campbell was a student from the 1950s.
It was a great party. Thanks for getting us back to the future, Paul!

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840