HAPPY video (full version) now posted for viewing and sharing

For the 4,639 of you who weren't at IC 2014, here's a link to the full 
STARFLEET "Happy" video:


Feel free to "like" the video on Facebook and share it in other places 
on social media.  The idea is to spread awareness about STARFLEET and 
attract new members to our club.

And remember that submissions for the music video are still being 
accepted until September 30.  Even though the video appears "full," 
there's still room to swap in and out a few clips and/or to loop a small 
portion of the song again to lengthen it by 30 or 60 seconds.

So please feel free to join the fun.  Submission guidelines are located 
on the bottom half of the this web page:


And submissions can be e-mailed to happy@sfi.org or uploaded to 

C'mon...get HAPPY!

  - Vice Admiral Jon Lane
    (keepin' it) happy@sfi.org