In honor of Barry Jenner (‘DS9’)



By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
The USS Angeles dims its lights for Barry Jenner, who had a recurring role as Adm. William Ross during the Dominion War on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”
His death was reported Aug. 11. He died Aug. 9 from leukemia, and his passage was confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation. He was a reserve officer assigned to Hollywood for many years.
Other fans and I chatted with him in dealers’ rooms at “Star Trek” conventions and found him friendly and easygoing. He wished the USS Angeles “Happy 20th anniversary” in videos I recorded of celebs at Creation Entertainment’s 2014 “Star Trek” convention in Las Vegas. These were shown at our anniversary party in 2015 at Founder Janice Willcocks’ home in Palos Verdes Estates.
In addition to Jenner’s dozen episodes on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” he had a recurring role on the sitcom “Family Matters.”
Warp speed, Admiral.

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840