Angeles sees ‘Wrath of Khan’ on big screen

“Khaaaaan!” From left, Lisa Sobien, David and Pat Westbay, Kat Campbell and Jay Gerber raise their communicators after seeing “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” at the AMC Promenade 16 in Woodland Hills in the Los Angeles area. (Photo by Dave Mason)

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
Jay Gerber, Pat and David Westbay, Kat Campbell, Lisa Sobien and I enjoyed seeing William Shatner (Capt. Kirk!) chew some scenery in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”
We watched the “Trek” classic Sept. 10 during a 35th anniversary screening at the AMC Promenade 16 in Woodland Hills.
It was great to watch director Nicholas Meyer’s cut at the Los Angeles-area theater. This version includes the scenes and dialogue explaining that Scotty carried his injured nephew to the bridge. There are also extra lines in Capt. Kirk’s San Francisco apartment and a few other, scattered extra lines or scenes that makes a great story a bit better.
And of course, we loved watching Ricardo Montalban portraying Khan, showing his character’s power even when he spoke calmly. He could perform dramatically with a whisper. Off screen, Montalban showed incredible warmth toward his fans. He was an actor of grace.
The Fathom events screening also included Scott Mantz’s recent interview with William Shatner about the movie. Shatner good-naturedly praised “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier,” which he directed. The actor smiled, knowing many people consider it the worst of the “Trek” films.
Mantz, the interviewer, conducted several of the on-stage interviews at the recent Creation Entertainment con in Las Vegas. He’s an Access Hollywood segment producer.
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Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840