Klingons invade Las Vegas con

LAS VEGAS — Q’pla! Gwnynth Walsh, JG Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly sang, clowned around and taught fans how to ask questions proudly like a Klingon as they came on stage in their full Klingon costumes and makeup.
“Attack, attack, attack!” O’Reilly, aka Gowron, said repeatedly with his trademarked bulging eyes at the Star Trek Las Vegas: The Official Convention. The sold-out event marks the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek.”
Angeles members saw the Klingons and more on the convention’s opening day Wednesday at the RIo Suites Hotel in Las Vegas. O’Reilly and Hertzler, aka Martok, came onto the ballroom floor to confront fans who didn’t meet their Klingon standards.
And they invited all fans in Klingon costumes to join them on stage. One fan was clearly a human, but she came on stage anyway because she knew the lyrics and melody to a warrior song. Later, she told Lisa Sobien and me how she was fully confident about going on stage. No hesitation at all. She sang in to the microphone with Hertzler.
Throughout the hour, a very funny Walsh kept her male counterparts in line and took pride in her character, B’Etor.
In other highlights, Dominic Keating and John Billingsley, aka Malcolm Reed and Dr. Phlox, competed for the laughs on the “Star Trek: Enterprise” panel while Gary Graham (Ambassador Soval) and Connor Trinner (“Trip” Tucker) sat back in amusement. Graham said he understood his Vulcan character better as he acted in the “Enterprise” pilot ‘Broken Bow” and had a critical argument with Archer (Scott Bakula, who will appear later at the convention).
The dealer’s room was humming as usual and with the addition of a large M*A*C Cosmetics display, promoting the makeup inspired by the women of “Star Trek and featuring opportunities for fans to be in a video beaming from a transporter room.
That night, Chase Masterson, aka Leeta on “Star Trek: Deep Space NIne,” amazed the audience at Quark’s Bar with an hour of jazz and swing standards. Her singing was great, and she made us laugh.
The convention continues through Sunday.

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840