Members explore ‘Operation Annihilate!’ site

From left, Dave Mason, E.J. Jakab, Janice Willcocks, David Westbay and Lisa Sobien visit the former TRW site in Redondo Beach, where the original “Star Trek” series episode “Operation Annihilate!” was filmed. (Photo by Jay Gerber)
Dave Mason points at a TRW building that he recognizes from a “Star Trek” episode. Janice Willcocks, right, noted the red wall ahead was in the episode. The spot behind them is where colonists ran with clubs toward Capt. Kirk and company in the episode. (Photo by Lisa Sobien)
Janice Willcocks talks to E.J. Jakab and other Angeles members in front of the fountain where Capt. Kirk and his landing party beamed in the episode. During “Operation Annihilate!,” the fountain was filled with water. (Photo by Dave Mason)
Dave Mason stands near the red wall where Spock stood in the episode. (Photo by Lisa Sobien)
From left, Jay Gerber, Janice Willcocks, E.J. Jakab, David Westbay and Lisa Sobien get into the spirit of show business. They’re standing in the front of the red wall where Spock (Leonard Nimoy) walked in “Operation Annihilate!” (Photo by Dave Mason)

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
REDONDO BEACH — Fear not, we ducked.
That’s how the USS Angeles members avoided parasitic flying “jellyfish” as we explored the filming site of the “Star Trek” episode “Operation Annihilate!”.
Second Officer and Founder Janice Willcocks led us April 7 around the Northrop-Grumman site in Redondo Beach, the former TRW facility featured in the episode. Janice pointed out where the episode was filmed, from an outdoor staircase to a pool and a red wall. Janice worked there when the site was TRW.
Joining Janice and me were Lisa Sobien, Jay Gerber, E.J. Jakab and David Westbay.
In the episode, Capt. Kirk (Capt. Kirk) and company work to save the planet Deneva from the parasites driving its residents, who include Capt. Kirk’s brother Sam, sister-in-law and nephew, to madness. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) is attacked by one of the creatures, and Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelley) and Kirk must figure out how to save Spock and the rest of the world.
As we toured the filming site, we walked in Capt. Kirk’s and Spock’s footsteps. Afterward, David had to leave, but the rest of us enjoyed a dinner at a nearby Chili’s. Deneva still has fine restaurants!

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840