Members watch ‘Shazam!’ soar

From left, Janice Willcocks, Gloria Rodriguez, Lisa Sobien, Jennifer Cole and Paul Szymborski gather after seeing “Shazam!” at the Regal Promenade in Rolling Hills Estates. (Photo by Dave Mason)

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason

ROLLING HILLS ESTATES — Do you want to be a hero? Just say the word.


USS Angeles members learned the power of that refrain when we watched “Shazam!” March 9 at the Regal Promenade in Rolling Hills Estates.

We cheered and laughed during the light-hearted movie, which starred Zachary Levi (NBC’s “Chuck”) as the superhero. Young Billy Batson becomes him when he yells “Shazam!”

The character was long-known as the original Captain Marvel, appearing first in Whiz Comics No. 2, a Fawcett publication, in 1940. DC Comics acquired Fawcett comics and revived Captain Marvel in 1973, placing him on Earth-S. The “Shazam!” movie, which debuted a few weeks after Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” movie and its version of that hero, skirts the issue of the hero’s name by having some fun with it.

Janice Willcocks drove Jennifer Cole, Gloria Rodriguez, Lisa Sobien and me to the theater from her nearby home. Before the movie, we enjoyed a dinner at a Ruby’s in the same mall as the theater. Paul Szymborski joined us at the theater.

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Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840