Party celebrates Luck o’ the Irish

Janice Willcocks shows her Blarney prize, a Hot Wheels car, during the combined USS Angeles Anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day Party. Janice, who hosted the party at her Palos Verdes Estates home, presented prizes that were green or Irish or both. (Photos by Dave Mason)
Candi Rosales wins Irish Spring Body Wash as one of her Blarney prizes.
Jennifer Cole is happy with Oreo Thins, her minty Blarney prize.
From left, Janice Willcocks, Jennifer Cole, Candi Rosales, Paul Szymborski and Gloria Rodriguez hold their Blarney prizes at Janice’s home.
Gloria Rodriguez wins a magically delicious Blarney prize, Lucky Charms, and Andersen’s split pea soup.

By Fleet. Capt Dave Mason

PALOS VERDES ESTATES — On this day we were all Irish.
And our Irish eyes were smiling as Janice Willcocks presented USS Angeles members with Blarney prizes at our annual St. Patrick’s Day Party on March 16.
We also celebrated the 24th anniversary of the USS Angeles during the party at the Palos Verdes Estates home of Janice, our second officer and founder.
The six of us won several prizes each.
Each prize was Irish or green or both.
Gloria Rodriguez struck gold with Lucky Charms cereal as one of her prizes. She also received a can of split pea soup made by Andersen’s, known for its Pea Soup Andersen’s restaurant in Buellton in northern Santa Barbara County. Lisa Sobien and I eat there from time to time and love the all-you-can-eat split pea soup.
First Officer Jennifer Cole’s prizes included another delicious delight, Oreo Thins, the thin mint variation of the classic cookie.
Candi Rosales won something refreshing — Irish Spring Body Wash – as one of her prizes.
Paul Szymborski won a bottle of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, a shamrock necklace and other prizes for himself and Jenny Taylor, who wasn’t able to attend the party.
I won bars of Irish Spring soap as well as Spam — with a jalapeño twist. I took home those and other prizes for myself and Lisa, who also couldn’t be there.
Before the Blarney prizes, we enjoyed Guinness beer and delicious dishes including potato salad, fruit, sodas, chicken, pizza and a lime cake made by Janice. We also talked about “Star Trek: Discovery” and several other topics on a day when we had more than a wee bit of fun.
Thank you for hosting, Janice!

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840