Rivers of America reopen

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
ANAHEIM — The new Columbia River Gorge has risen at the reopened Rivers of America.
USS Angeles members Lisa Sobien, Eric Fillman and I explored the new Disneyland frontier July 30 during our club’s monthly mission to the happiest place in the Alpha Quadrant.
We saw familiar and new Audio-A

Lisa Sobien is ready to board the Mark Twain, now back in service at Disneyland. (Photos by Dave Mason)

nimatronics and sculptures along the river and its dramatic rock formations. American Indians greeted us from high in the hills, and we saw them gather in a village along the shore, where a boy watched a fish pop from the water.
Nearby, a beaver chewed away at one of the poles supporting the trestle for the newly re-routed Disneyland Railroad, but the trains seemed to be in no immediate danger. The trestle stood firmly. (Whew!)
Eric and I rode the Columbia sailing ship, and Lisa joined us for a trip on the Mark Twain. We heard “Stroke, stroke, stroke!” as a guide encouraged passengers to paddle on a Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoe.
After the Rivers of America trips, Eric, Lisa and I boarded a Disneyland train and saw the new visual effects added to the backgrounds of the Grand Canyon and dinosaur dioramas.
The rivers, which have been shortened a bit, and the train reopened after an 18-month closure. The Rivers of America experienced some changes as Disneyland works on its Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land, set to open in 2019.
For more photos and details, see the September issue of Angels Flight. USS Angeles members get the

A beaver chews away at a pole, but fortunately, the Disneyland Railroad trestle stands firmly. Passengers now go through the new Columbia River gorge.
Eric Fillman and Lisa Sobien stand outside a Disneyland train on the weekend the railroad reopened.
Dramatic rocks grace the new Columbia River Gorge at Disneyland.


An American Indian boy, left, spies a fish popping up in the water at a village on the newly reopened Rivers of America.

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Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840