USS Angeles presents awards

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
The USS Angeles had one of our best turnouts Dec. 10 when more than 30 people exchanged gifts during our Winter Holiday Party at Starbase Karen in the Los Angeles area.
I awarded our end-of-year awards.
The Order of Sarek for Community Service went to Karen Hoagland, Renee Wike, Paul Szymborski, Kathy Carder, Jay Gerber, Jack Plummer and Jeremy Kranz.
The Order of Neelix, for hosting parties, was awarded to Karen, Renee, Chris Mulrooney, Cliff Gardner, Paul Szymborksi and Janice Willcocks. The Jake Sisko Communications Award went to Gloria Rodriguez, Jennifer Cole, Chris Esquibel and Chris Mulrooney. And Gloria and Jennifer received the Great Bird of the Galaxy award for their contribution to “Star Trek” and fandom.
And we had some promotions: Lisa Sobien and Jay Gerber to chief petty officer and Jeremy Kranz and Jackie Freeman to lieutenant junior grade. Congratulations to everyone for the promotions and awards. And thank you, Karen, Renee and Chris M., for hosting!

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840