USS Angeles visits Nixon Library

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
YORBA LINDA — USS Angeles members walked up to the bedroom where President Richard Nixon was born.
“Emery” E.J. Jakab, Lisa Sobien and I listened to a docent as we toured the president’s cozy 1912 house during our Sept. 15 mission to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.
We saw exhibits that discussed his political career and his presidency, from the groundbreaking trip to China to Watergate.
The library devoted a big room to the scandal that ended Nixon’s presidency.
That exhibit had a journalistic approach. It didn’t excuse Nixon’s actions or try to defend them. It simply told the facts and went into detail about the Oval Office tapes and why Watergate mattered. At the end of the exhibit, Nixon tells his side in a video of David Frost’s 1977 interview with him.
Our visit to the museum included walking outside, past an exterior that partially resembles the White House.
We stepped onto the Marine One helicopter that carried Nixon and his wife Pat from the White House on the day he left the White House after his 1974 resignation. Afterward, we walked through Nixon’s original home. The land around the house became the Nixon Library, and a docent said the house was removed just once for restoration, then returned to its original location.
The house features its original furniture, including the old upright piano that Nixon learned to play. It turned out he played other instruments, including the accordion.

Lisa Sobien stands in front of the lobby mural at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda. (Photos by Dave Mason)

LIsa Sobien sits at the Wilson desk in a re-creation of President Richard Nixon’s Oval Office. Emery “E.J.” Jakab sits next to a sofa.
Emery “E.J.” Jakab and Lisa Sobien pose with the classic Nixon victory signs in front of Marine One, the helicopter the president rode on short trips from the White House.
President Richard Nixon was buried near the 1912 house where he was born. The grave and home are at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840