‘Voyager’ guest star addresses USS Angeles

USS Angeles members meet with “Star Trek: Voyager” guest star Athena Massey. From left, front row, Paul Szymborski, Karen Hoagland and Gloria Rodriguez; back row, Lisa Sobien, Emery “E.J.” Jakab, Massey, Chris Mulrooney and Jeremy Kranz. (Photo by Dave Mason)
Karen Hoagland, right, listens as Athena Massey talks about her life and career at a USS Angeles party.
Athena Massey (“Star Trek: Voyager”) signs her photos at the USS Angeles gathering.

NORTHRDIGE — Athena Massey of “Star Trek: Voyager” talked about her life and career recently at a USS Angeles gathering. Athena guest-starred as an alien engineer in “Remember,” an episode about discrimination on a planetary scale.
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Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840