Warp speed, Aron Eisenberg (1969-2019)


By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason
The USS Angeles dims its lights in honor of Aron Eisenberg, the actor who played Nog on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

He died Sept. 21. His wife, Maríssa Longo, reported he passed away after being in critical condition in a hospital.

Eisenberg, a Hollywood native, was 50. 

In addition to “DS9,” Eisenberg acted in “Renegades” (2017), in a 1995 episode of “Star Trek: Voyager” and shows varying from “The Wonder Years” (a 1990 episode) to “The Secret World of Alex Mack” (1994 episodes), according to imdb.com.

On Facebook and Twitter, Longo called Eisenberg her love and best friend and praised him for his intelligence, humor, humility and empathy. She said she loved him dearly and would miss him forever.

The couple had been together five years and were married Dec. 28, 2018.

“I will be forever thankful for the time we had to love each other,” Longo said.

USS Angeles members saw Eisenberg in August when he was dressed in full makeup and uniform as Nog, the Ferengi best friend of Jake Sisko and a cadet at Starfleet Academy and Deep Space Nine.  He made thousands of fans at Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention laugh as he shared the Las Vegas stage with “DS9” actors Chase Masterson and Max Grodénchik, who were in makeup and costume as Leeta, Nog’s Bajoran stepmother, and Rom, Nog’s Ferengi father.

On “Deep Space Nine,” Eisenberg brought a sense of humanity to his role as he challenged human preconceptions about Ferengi. He reminded viewers that infinite diversity means infinite individuality.

Eisenberg showed the same humanity in his friendliness toward fans. He was frequently seen in the dealers room and elsewhere at the Las Vegas conventions.

USS Angeles members saw him and his wife watching fans performing rock hits and sci-fi parodies during an evening Karaoke concert at this year’s Vegas convention. Their smiles seemed to stretch light years.

He will be missed. Our hearts go out to Maríssa Longo and her and Aron Eisenberg’s families.

— Lt. j.g. Lisa Sobien contributed to this report.

From left, Nog (Aron Eisenberg) chatted with his father, Rom (Max Grodénchik), and stepmother Leeta (Chase Masterson) Aug. 1 at the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Eisenberg died Sept. 21, his wife, Malíssa Longo, reported on social media. (Photo by Dave Mason)

Dave Mason

Commanding Officer, USS Angeles NCC-71840